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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay with cash?

Yes, either with the full rental and deposit and a R7500 additional deposit transferred and received via EFT in advance, or after collecting the car and paying with your credit card, the rental portion may be transferred via EFT, once received your card will be credited with the rental portion.

What if I don’t have a credit card but my friend/family member does?

Then the rental contract will be in the name of that credit card holder who must be present at collection of the car.

Is it safe to send my credit card details via E-mail?

Yes, in twelve years we have never had information stolen; In SA any charge that is queried by the cardholder must be substantiated by the merchant; Alternatively, send via e-mail, sms/WhatsApp or fax the numbers as text: five four nine zero one two three four etc

What if my car breaks down?

Call the Roadside Assistance 24 Hour Hotline.

What is covered by Roadside Assistance?

Changing of a flat tyre; Jump Start for a Flat Battery; Keys locked in the Car; Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown: Towing to the nearest approved repairer, limited to a 20km radius.

What about insurance?

Fully Comprehensive Insurance is included at no extra cost.

Can I reduce the excess payable if I have an accident?

Yes, enquire about the premiums per Group of Rental Car.

Does the Insurance include loss of personal possessions?

No, the Cover is valid for damage or loss to the car itself..

Does the Insurance include Personal Accident Insurance?
No, any injury caused by a motor accident is covered by the Road Accident Fund in South Africa.
How is the 24-hour period calculated?
Rates are calculated on a 24-hour period from the time you sign the rental contract until the return of the vehicle. We do allow a half hour “grace period” on the final day of return as a gesture of goodwill.
what if I don’t refuel my car on return?
If the car is not refuelled on return or the receipt is not in the car, it is refuelled with a 20% levy included.

Drivers’ Licences: Renters and additional drivers must be in possession of a valid unendorsed driver’s licence of country of residence. Licence must be valid for a minimum of one year. If driver’s licence is non-roman alphabet, an international driver’s licence is required. Please note that non South African Visitors must also produce a valid passport. If not supplied by e-mail when booking your car, a colour copy must be supplied on collection of the car before the car is released. To avoid possible complications when collecting a vehicle we advise foreign visitors to produce a driver’s licence which has been issued in the same country as their passport.

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